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A commitment rewarded by the European Ecolabel

Ever since the campsite was founded in 1963, we have been committed to respecting the exceptional natural landscape of the Ile d'Oleron that surrounds us and to favouring renewable energy sources. Since 2007, our commitment to the environment has been recognised by the European Ecolabel 🎖


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👉🏽 Our aim? To provide you with an unforgettable holiday thanks to a range of activities that are fun, but respectful of the surrounding nature in a logic of sustainable development. And at La Brande, that's what we call child's play!  Ready to go? Get started! 

  • ♻️ solar hot water production;
  • ♻️ 200 m² of photovoltaic panels; 
  • ♻️ 5 Newwind Bush vertical axis wind turbines.
  • ♻️ Widespread use of low-energy LED lighting
  • ♻️ "Waterless" ecological urinals;
  • ♻️ reducing waste volumes;
  • ♻️ educational communication on selective sorting;
  • ♻️ 90% of our cleaning products are eco-labelled;
  • ♻️ monitoring our consumption of products and energy...


Espace de tri


Our CSR approach aims to raise your awareness of eco-responsible actions and of our magnificent local environment on the Ile d'Oleron. What better time than the holidays to take the time to use a "soft" means of transport (bicycles, shuttles or even your feet 🦶 ) and to taste the local produce from certified Oleron producers? And you can take us at our word, as the cycle path in front of the campsite takes you straight to the market stalls at Château d'Oléron, 2.5 km away.

☝🏽 Good to know

All year round, the Château d'Oleron market is in full swing every weekday and weekend morning.

Our concrete actions to protect the environment 

At La Brande campsite, our green spaces are pampered to offer you a breath of fresh air, as well as visual privacy between pitches. We are aware of the crucial role played by green spaces in preserving the environment, which is why we are taking strong action to maintain the ecological balance and limit human impact:

🐝 Optimising local biodiversity

The upkeep of each space is customised according to its use and properties. For example, while the private gardens require weekly attention, the playground area at the back of the campsite is only mown during the summer season. This means that plants, insects and micro-organisms can thrive in complete freedom for most of the year. 

🔂 Promoting the circular economy of green waste

Our gardeners try to make the most of each piece of green waste by reusing it. For example, every year, once the pruning work has been completed, the pruning waste is shredded, stored and then used in the flower beds to protect the plants and enrich the soil.

🌳 Adapting the choice of plants to the environment

The choice of vegetation on the campsite is not made by chance. At our campsite, all the environmental factors are carefully studied and taken into account (geography, exposure, rainfall, soil erosion, etc.) to determine which plant is best suited to flourish.