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Search for Accommodation

From 4 July to 28 August, there's a whole host of activities to suit all tastes and ages, with a club for everyone!

The "Tagadas" club 

For 3 to 5 year olds, in the mornings, an activity leader will prepare a programme of games adapted to the very young and awaken all their senses.

Club enfant 3 à 5 ans

The "Loubinats" club

For 6 to 9 year olds, 3 activities a day at the club or outside: big games, show preparation, arts and crafts, board games or the big Loubinats day at the beach, unforgettable memories.

Club enfant de 6 à 9 ans

Teen's club

For 10/13 year olds with a dedicated programme: sports tournaments, film clips, picnics, shows and lots of other surprises.

Club enfant de 6 à 9 ans

Teen's Club 14 and over

Teens (aged 14 and over...) won't be forgotten either: on Sunday evening, at a special welcome drink, they will choose their activities for the week with the help of their activity leader.

Activité adolescents

Come and discover the must-see place for your children!

The water park