La Brande, Camping Club 5 étoiles sur l’ile d’Oléron

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Favour renewable energies and raise awareness of eco-friendly actions

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Since its creation in 1963 by the Barcat family, Camping La Brande has always been committed to respecting the environment


1963 Permanent landscape program using local species
1980 solar hot water production
1985 hot water production by heat pump
1991 Introduction of drip irrigation
1999 Membership of the Camping Qualité label, then Quality Tourism since 2017
2000 Use of certified organic cleaning products
2002 Commited into the Poitou Charentes Landscape Charter
2006 Installation of a U V dechlorinator to reduce water and chlorine consumption by half.
2001 Complete and updated energy audit in 2006
2007 Installation of 100 sqm of photovoltaic panels
2008 Obtaining the European Eco-Label renewed every 3 years until 2021.
2011 Participation in the implementation of a free beach shuttle service to facilitate mobility on Oleron island
2012 100 sqm of additional solar collectors for domestic hot water production
2015-2017 Replacement of all urinals with ecological “waterless” models


Better energy and water management


the management generalizes the installation of proximity and brightness lighting using Class “A” bulbs (LED bulbs). the staff research and apply new complementary technologies that consume less energy. (wind, photovoltaic, solar hot water, geothermal…) We install streetlights and photovoltaic security beacons.


Generalizing rainwater harvesting for watering is a priority. We are improving the storage and reuse of pool wash water. the staff is continuing to install consumption limitation devices. (including replacing timers with infrared or touch triggers). We have replaced the time-delayed flush urinals with “waterless” models.

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Reduction in waste volumes and new management tools.


the team improves our communication on public about sorting waste. the staff set up specific containers for food waste to be composted. We use recyclable sheets. We shred small pruning wood for mulching tree hedges and composting surplus wood.


the management have created tables to monitor the consumption of products or energies. that have an impact on the environment in order to improve their interpretation and thus change our practices.

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Limiting environmental impacts


Each new investment is designed according to the objectives to be pursued for sustainable development. the management establishes a continuous training program for the company’s employees. that systematically includes the environmental dimension and health and safety. We do our best to involve customers in efforts to sort waste and avoid wasting resources. the staff try to set an example of good practices and teach. 90% of our cleaning products are eco-labelled.

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Qualify and stabilize the employment of long-term seasonal employees.


For more than 20 years, we have been using the Marennes-Oleron Employers’Group (GLEMO) to stabilize jobs and develop skills. 3 employees are included in separate training plans with a view to developing skills in the various camping job skills.

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Raising awareness to local environment for campsite guests.


We advise the “soft” modes of transport: bicycles, beach shuttles… and participate in their development. We promote short circuits and local products from certified Oleron producers (M.O.P.S, markets…).

Click here to discover the MOPS association, which brings together many local producers working in short circuits.

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La Brande Camping Club 5 étoiles Route des Huîtres, 17480 Le Château-d’Oléron
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